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¿Es necesaria la presentación del motor de búsqueda?

The simple answer is no - search engine submission isn’t necessary. The majority of search engines nowadays (most notably Google) crawl and index pages by…
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¿Puede cualquier enlace entrante dañar mi clasificación?

The answer is simple - inbound linking cannot hurt your search ranking. How is this known for certain? Well, for one, if inbound were…
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La importancia del texto de anclaje en los vínculos de retroceso

The importance of anchor text with respect to a linking strategy cannot be overstated. Back-links are a huge part of the search engine algorithm. When…
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Vínculos absolutos frente a vínculos relativos: valor de SEO

The debate between absolute links and relative links continues to live on in the SEO world. The individual significance of each has been contested, but…
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